Introducing…. Buddy Bison

My JEM & I taking time to play at a park with her new friend from Washington DC, Buddy Bison!



Remembering Heroes of America

Roughrider Honor Flight

September 10th and 11th I will be joining my Papa Wally on the Roughrider Honor Flight! I can’t even begin to express how filled with pride I am to be traveling to Washington DC with my Papa and many other men and women like him who served our country. What will we be doing with only 36 hours in D.C.? At first I didn’t know if we could get that much done, but they have an itinerary that doesn’t waste a minute. It is filled!

Friday, September 10th: We will get to the airport by 6:30am and leave by 8:30am.  The plane is full and we have others flying out of other cities that will be joining us in Washington DC. We will then arrive at Dulles International Airport in Washington DC by 12:30pm. After getting off the plane, we will go to our buses. Thank you Haymarket Transportation! ^_^  Papa and I are on the Blue Bus!

We will get lunch on the bus and at 1:45pm will arrive at Lincoln, Vietnam and Korean Memorials.  Having an hour and a half here, we will begin a Washington DC Driving Tour at 3:15pm.  Around 4:30 we will arrive at the hotel.  The name of the hotel is escaping me right now, but it is supposed to be a really lovely hotel.  A reception will be held from 6:00 to 7:00pm and dinner will be served afterwards.  The Roughrider Honor Team is going to hold a program at 7:30pm, where I imagine we will honor these men and women both in the room and those whose memorials we have visited or will be visiting tomorrow.  Papa and I will then be able to go around visiting others and gathering history in the best way possible – thru stories.  I do hope Papa will share his stories as well.

Saturday, September 11th: At 6:30 to 7:30am breakfast will be served and is supposed to be one of the finest breakfast services around, or so I’ve heard. ^_^  We will need to gather energy for the next couple hours of venturing they have in store for us.  We will board the buses at 7:45am, hoping to beat traffic and some heat.  We will arrive at the WWII Memorial by 8:15am.  At the WWII Memorial we will be taking a group picture!  They gave us all these wonderful hats and we will all have matching jackets they’re to give us when we arrive at the airport on Friday.  It’ll be a precious photo, at least I think so. 

At 10:15am we will visit the Iwo Jima Memorial; then it is off to the Arlington National Cemetery Visitors Center at 11:00am to begin a tram tour.  I’m not entirely sure what that will be like, but it will be “moving” for sure.  At 1:20pm we will have lunch served, again on the bus, while also having the possibility to drive past or visit the following locations:

  • Pentagon
  • Jefferson Memorial
  • Capitol
  • White House
  • Fords Theatre
  • Washington Cathedral
  • Watergate Hotel
  • Air Force Memorial
  • FDR Memorial
  • 9/11 Memorial at the Pentagon
  • Embassy row
  • Navy Memorial
  • Air and Space Museum at Dulles


Then we bid farewell to Washington DC, arriving at Dulles International Airport by 5:00pm.  It will be a lot to get in but it will definitely be an experience of a lifetime.  I will be posting photos and stories from my trip so don’t forget to check back for them! Take care until then and please read some of my Papa’s history below! ^_^v


Wallace A. Erickson

Brief Military Biography

 I joined the United States Army on October 5, 1946, just out of high school.  I received my Basic Training at Fort Knox, Kentucky.  I was sent to Japan occupation in December of that year.  We spent the winter in tents in Osaka.  In the spring of 1947, I was transferred to Tokyo where I was assigned to an Engineer Battalion.  I spent my time supervising reconstruction projects such as a gas plant and a hotel.  When I arrived in Tokyo, there was not a house between Tokyo and Yokahama.  When I departed a year later, it was all built up.

On the way out of the discharge office, military personnel said if we wanted to, we could sign up for the Army Reserves, and a number of us did.  I had attended college for two years when I was called up and sent to Korea, assigned to the 24th Infantry Division.  I was assigned to a rifle platoon as a “machine gunner”, so I spent a year carrying this 30 caliber machine gun up and down and across Korea three times.  While in a fox hole on a mountaintop, I received my discharge from the Army Reserves, but the Army would not let me go home.  Spending a winter on the mountaintops in minus 10 to minus 40 degrees with only a summer sleeping bag was not very comfortable!

I crossed the 38th parallel three times back and forth.  I skipped my time off for R&R to Japan so I could go home earlier.  I got out of Korea just before “Pork Chop Hill” where my outfit took heavy casualties.

After graduating from the UND, I purchased a Standard Oil Service Station in ND.  I operated the station for 42 years until retirement.  I now reside in ND.  I have 3 children, 7 grandchildren, and 1 great granddaughter.

This isn’t about tolerance -It’s about not disgracing those who have been effected by 9/11!

I’m not going to get too far into this, but I have to voice my disgust over hearing the news that there is going to be -or trying build- a building for the Islams… at Ground Zero in New York!

Here’s a clip from another blog site, please check it out & let’s figure out if there is any way we, true blooded Americans, can stop this. I’m not one to go all “I know everything” – especially when it comes to politics, but this is just so easy to see why it is wrong, like the math problem 2+2=??? It’s gonna be 4 and that’s just the way it is! Anyways, check this video out & let’s get our voice ringing loud & clear on this matter! The following is from the email I received:

This is a video by a British stand-up comedian, who is making a very commonsense statement about the plan to build a mosque at “Ground Zero” in New York. Where is similar, cogent outrage from anyone in our media or government? Are we ALL asleep?

Condell is a British stand-up comedian, but this video isn’t comedic, it’s pure truth, and utterly brilliant.

Hope you were able to wake up some.  Remember it’s not about tolerance, but how any idiot could think we’d be okay with allowing anyone to disgrace or basically spit on the exact site of where our WTC Towers once stood.  Please don’t turn an eye from this.

Also, check out Marisol’s blog -where I found the video- I can’t wait to see if we are going to stay silent about this…

If you know of anything we can do to not allow this disgraceful building, please share it. Thank you.


*meow* Hello *meow* Thumbs!?!

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Our latest addition to our family is Thumbs Carmel-latte! Say hi! ^_^

The world is watching you…

This is gonna be short, but I wanted to share some thing that happened to JEM yesterday that was so sweet and kind, something that is almost always rare for the world to see and experience.

The other day JEM decided to go to a certain favorite restaurant of her’s for lunch. A woman was getting prizes. JEM was behind her. She only had 94 tickets, but to her that seemed to be quite a bit. Anyway the lady in front of her decided to share some of her tickets, which allowed JEM to go crazy with picking out a toy here or there (not that they’re the greatest expensive toys to choose from, but hey my daughter loves em! Haha).

As we were leaving the lady wanted to know if that helped JEM get anything “cool” and of course JEM showed off her new trinkets.  The woman was definitely happy to help & it definitely made JEM smile.  It’s amazing how such a small act of kindness could brighten my daughter’s day and mine too. She was a lovely woman and hopefully her day was full of blessings too. 

All day I felt the need to continue that woman’s kindness and it made my day that much better because of it.  Sometimes we think we have to do these big drastic things to improve on someone’s day, but in reality the smallest action could prove to be the brightest moment.  I hope you are challenged and desire to share the rarity of showing a total stranger that they are significant in this world. I know I was.

Enjoy this music too! Francesca Battistelli – It’s Your Life

My favorite line is: Every day, the choices you make say what you are and who your heart beats for. 

♥ Always

Just another Manic Monday…

Hello Everyone, 

Hope you are having a wonderful Monday! Can you believe it is already half way through July! Summer is going by faster than I had ever imagined it could. 

This day, although Monday, is turning out to be really wonderful. I woke up to seeing my daughter curled up with her new kitten. If I could have taken a photo of it you all would be “awe” or “Oh so cute!” – trust me! -hehe 

Anyways, then I got ready and had a full busy day of work -which isn’t really part of the wonderful day, but it could have been worse. I found out that my fav makeup guru, Kandee Johnson, is doing more Glaminars and I’m so excited! I can’t wait to go to at least one of em! 

Then as my morning when on I received an unexpected phone call and it made me smile -so that’s always nice. Had lunch with my cousins, brother, mum, and grandma. They’re all so wonderful! Then got to have some angel food cake with delicious strawberries! Then to top it off – realizing my daughter is getting to test for her green belt today! Yea! 

Life is a gift, but today has been like getting the gift that keeps on giving! -haha or something like that- Thank you Lord!†! 

I hope you are having a great summer! I’m hoping to get some photos up from my 4th, a couple other fun times, and of course the new kitten so check back later this week! Until then…Keep having a wonderful day and finding reasons to smile!!! 

♥ Always


Life is precious….Become your dreams!


I was getting ready this morning, lately I have been extremely tired, but anyway, I was getting ready when I noticed an article from a magazine laying on my dresser open from the night before. The top of the article held a picture of an office, like a creative director’s office or something having to do with art (I love art!). On the wall was a painted quote that said: “Life is precious… Become your dreams!”

I smile and thought “Yeah! I am gonna dare to become my dreams!” I felt renewed and ready for my day. I haven’t always been able to smile when thinking of my dreams. To be completely honest I haven’t dared to dream for several years now. I mean I’ve had dreams, but many of them have been quieted by reality. I’m not complaining about my life, but a lot has been put on hold due to what my situation has been and what would be best for my daughter.

Within the past month I have been at a low point in my life. I finally said, “Okay, God, I’ve got nowhere else to go from here but up. So what passions and talents have you instilled in me that I have been hiding -that I have been afraid to use?” While he didn’t come right out and tell me, I have been able to express to my parents, and such, where I feel God is pulling me to. He is continuing to answer me with small signs and I am so excited to see what the Lord has in store for me!

It’s crazy to think I was scared to dream and scared to make those dreams reality, because now, even tho not much has changed -as far as my situation in life-  my low point has definitely become tackable! -haha if that is even a word. I am continuing to search many areas of the artist lifestyle, always remembering God is in control and that always gives me peace and courage to continue searching.

Finding worth:

I love finding inspiring quotes lately and have been putting them up wherever I spend time -so at work and in my room -wow that sounds kinda sad -haha. Anway, Jillian Michaels says a lot of inspiring things when she is whipping people into shape and helping them confront the real reason behind their eating disorders or weight problems. On her newest show, Losing It With Jillian she said, “The only person who defines your worth is you!” This hit me to the core.

It’s amazing how many people can tell you how much you are loved. They can show you they love you, but if you don’t love yourself -if you don’t find worth in you- then you will only drain those around you and still feel empty (at least this is how I have felt). Thank the Lord, I finally woke up and do see myself as worthy as the next person. I’m not gonna be full of myself, but I’m not going to twist a compliment into a degrading comment anymore! I know I am worth tons and so are you! We are all made in the image of God. He sent Jesus to die for each and every one of us -for me… for you!

Last night:

JEM, my 7 yr old daughter, was having trouble sleeping last night. When she was little I would sing to her and so I asked her if she would like for us to sing some songs. She loved that idea and so we began to sing. The last song we sang was “Jesus Loves Me” and as we ended the song, she asked me if we could sing it one more time only this time say “You” instead of “me” because then other people will know Jesus loves them too! I smiled in agreement… It is my hope and prayer that you may surround yourself with inspiration, that you know how worthy you are and Jesus loves you!

Blessings & Love

♥ Always

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