Making the Grade…

My JEM & 2nd Grade:

My lovely daughter, JEM, started school today.  She woke up bright-eyed and full of excitement.  After she got ready & ate breakfast, we grabbed a jacket and headed out the door.  We got to school early enough so we could buy lunch and milk tickets and take some pictures with JEM and her teacher & her cute outfit! ^_^  Of course when I got my camera out it was dead! Luckily I had my phone! Thank you Jesus!

Here are some precious memories I was able to capture thanks to my Palm Treo! – Sorry quality isn’t the best, but it’s better than not having any, right?  Enjoy!




This & then some…

Enjoy memories? Great! So do I! hehe

Here are some pictures from this past Christmas…taekwondo…basketball games….Vegas trip….& much, much more!

Enjoy & hope you don’t mind the randomness of this post, but if you really kno me -then you’ll be used to it! ^_^

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♥ Always

My Daddy’s B-day fotos!!! ^_^

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Here’s a little glimpse of how we celebrated my dad’s birthday this year. The weather was odd that day, but that was okay. We still had an awesome time! Happy Birthday Dad!


Fotos from My Little Brother’s B-day!!!

Sometimes my family throws a little party for my brother -hehe- sometimes…

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This year my brother was turning 17! He’s still not afraid to embrace his childhood tho! I luv you little bro! You had the rockinest bday! ^_^

♥ Always

4th of July pixels

Every 4th of July – well maybe not every 4th, but it sure seems like it’s been this way 4ever (haha)- Mona & my grandma buy us all our “4th of July Outfits” and we try to capture the moment! See if you can spot it. -lol-

I hope your 4th was a fun & ER free as ours was. ^_^v

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♥ Always

Life’s Little Snaps of Joy

Family is forever….

Some people come briefly into our lives, while others stay forever. Still others come into our lives and leave, only to surprise us with returning again to stay….

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All our lives are blessed when we allow each other to touch the souls of one another.

♥ Always

Where will this go?

♥ Always