A Point of Inspiration

While trying to find a new path for my life I’ve been hanging out with my friends and family at our cabin. It’s been so much fun, even when we have bad weather! During the storms we huddle together (there’s always at least 15 of us) and watch movies and play card games. When it is nice out we play on the water.  

I’ve always loved the water, whether it is the lake or ocean… Sometimes I find myself still wishing I was a mermaid and I could just live in the water -haha. It’s fascinating to me how gentle water can be, but it has the power to erode mountains and whole lands away. -This reminds me of the Avatar movie coming out! -So gonna see it! Yea! 🙂  

Anyway, last weekend we finally had an amazing day of summer! The sun was shining brightly, the breeze was the kind of breeze that just kisses your skin every so often, and the water a perfect mirror for the sky. It all screamed at me calling to be played in!  

So my cousin, Cody, brother, Klint, friends/sisters, Aime and Bell, and friend, Steve, all heard the same cry. We have two wave runners and so we took turns riding on them. It had been a challenge to see who could get who off. I, of course, stated “the only way you’re getting me off is if you come with me!” So Steve decided to take on that challenge….  

OMW! If you could only see the size of the bruises that cover my body!!! (I’m not gonna post any pix tho -sorry) haha But it was fun! Lesson learned: If you don’t like playing rough then I don’t recommend riding with me or Steve! 😉 A lesson Aime didn’t get until she took a ride with him. She ended up in the water too, but it was so hot out that we all enjoyed the coolness of the water. It was a great day that allowed us to smile and laugh lots! I hope you are enjoying your summer days and have fun, even if you get hurt a bit.  

A Point of Inspiration  

What inspires you to get up in the morning? Is it the knowledge of knowing you have a job you enjoy? Is it the fact that you have a family you can provide for -a family that loves and respects you? Is it knowing you get to see your best friend? Is it the instant when you wake up and all is perfectly still and seemingly peaceful? I really do enjoy waking up in bed feeling the rays, having slipped through my curtains, melting on my body. As if God were giving me a good morning hug!  


Sometimes as I drive to work it is foggy out and as I drive by places it seems other-worldly and beautifully mysterious. Inspiration can be found in pretty much everything, right? The glimpse of someone’s eye intriguing and genuine. The special letter or note found on your desk….  

I luv VK!!!


So what inspires you? What has inspired you to be where you are today? I’m so intrigued what makes us be …well… us! So let me know! ^_^ 

♥ Always

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