This isn’t about tolerance -It’s about not disgracing those who have been effected by 9/11!

I’m not going to get too far into this, but I have to voice my disgust over hearing the news that there is going to be -or trying build- a building for the Islams… at Ground Zero in New York!

Here’s a clip from another blog site, please check it out & let’s figure out if there is any way we, true blooded Americans, can stop this. I’m not one to go all “I know everything” – especially when it comes to politics, but this is just so easy to see why it is wrong, like the math problem 2+2=??? It’s gonna be 4 and that’s just the way it is! Anyways, check this video out & let’s get our voice ringing loud & clear on this matter! The following is from the email I received:

This is a video by a British stand-up comedian, who is making a very commonsense statement about the plan to build a mosque at “Ground Zero” in New York. Where is similar, cogent outrage from anyone in our media or government? Are we ALL asleep?

Condell is a British stand-up comedian, but this video isn’t comedic, it’s pure truth, and utterly brilliant.

Hope you were able to wake up some.  Remember it’s not about tolerance, but how any idiot could think we’d be okay with allowing anyone to disgrace or basically spit on the exact site of where our WTC Towers once stood.  Please don’t turn an eye from this.

Also, check out Marisol’s blog -where I found the video- I can’t wait to see if we are going to stay silent about this…

If you know of anything we can do to not allow this disgraceful building, please share it. Thank you.


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  1. Peter Reynolds
    Aug 19, 2010 @ 20:51:20

    If this is what free speech means in America then for the first time ever I’m glad Britain isn’t hidebound by a written constitution.


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