Lil Alma

 To a wonderful woman! I’m pretty sure ever person that knows her would describe her as anywhere from crazy, fun, always busy, full of endless energy, caring, bestest grandma ever, big hearted, a woman of faith, loving, rockin mum, loud, great sister, bossy (but in a good way-haha), wise, compassionate, a true friend, one hot mama!, and so many other fabulous words.

She doesn’t always get things right, but she’s never afraid to do things, to take a chance on people, and for these and many, many more reasons, she is loved so much! I thought I’d share some of the best crazy-touching memories I have of my mum cuz today is her birthday!!! Happy Birthday Mum!!! I lo♥e you lots!

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Mum doesn’t have the best sense of direction, but she doesn’t care. Once, altho I’m sure it’s happened more than that, she was driving some of my friends and me home from an out of town basketball game. Well she ended up driving south, rather than north, all the way til we hit the state line! haha It was like “Oops!” and that was all that really could be said, as she turned around, heading in the right direction this time. haha

Another memory I have of her is one I only have becuz it has been told so many times. My mum was driving my sister and I to the babysitters, but as usual we were late and mum was being distracted by two little ones not sitting in their carseats. Mum turned around to demand we get in our seats. As she did this a police car spotted her. She pulled over and the cop walked up to her window. She explained to him that she was trying to get up back in our carseats. The office turned his attention to the little girls in the back and said, “You’d better get back in your carseats.” And apparently I decided to finish his sentence with “Or I’ll spank your butt!” The cop tried not to laugh or smile -becuz cops are supposed to come across scary and mean (hehe). Mum ended up getting a warning that day. Haha I know the only reason I said that was due to the fact that Mum had just used that same threat. lol Good one mum! ^_^

Some memories I’ve learned over the years of my mum have been hilarious! My mum talked my Grandma Rainy into switching seats in the car while they were going 70 mph! Or when my mum was allowing her friend to demonstrate how to properly curl one’s lashes. Her friend slipped and yanked out all her lashes (okay it’s funny, but at the same time really sounds like it hurt).  A more recent memory is when mum proudly wore a shirt with baby bottle nipples all over it for her 50th birthday party. haha

Thanks mum for all you have done, whether crazy or sweet, you are truly a woman we all hope to be more like. I love you & thank you so much for all that you have done, for all you are doing, and for all that you will do!

♥ Always

PS – Thanks sooooo much for the Keith Urban concert tickets! He was amazing and we had so much fun! You really are the best, mum!

If you have any memories you wish to share, feel free to do so! Love learning more about this amazing crazy woman! ^_^v


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