The world is watching you…

This is gonna be short, but I wanted to share some thing that happened to JEM yesterday that was so sweet and kind, something that is almost always rare for the world to see and experience.

The other day JEM decided to go to a certain favorite restaurant of her’s for lunch. A woman was getting prizes. JEM was behind her. She only had 94 tickets, but to her that seemed to be quite a bit. Anyway the lady in front of her decided to share some of her tickets, which allowed JEM to go crazy with picking out a toy here or there (not that they’re the greatest expensive toys to choose from, but hey my daughter loves em! Haha).

As we were leaving the lady wanted to know if that helped JEM get anything “cool” and of course JEM showed off her new trinkets.  The woman was definitely happy to help & it definitely made JEM smile.  It’s amazing how such a small act of kindness could brighten my daughter’s day and mine too. She was a lovely woman and hopefully her day was full of blessings too. 

All day I felt the need to continue that woman’s kindness and it made my day that much better because of it.  Sometimes we think we have to do these big drastic things to improve on someone’s day, but in reality the smallest action could prove to be the brightest moment.  I hope you are challenged and desire to share the rarity of showing a total stranger that they are significant in this world. I know I was.

Enjoy this music too! Francesca Battistelli – It’s Your Life

My favorite line is: Every day, the choices you make say what you are and who your heart beats for. 

♥ Always

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