Chaotic Peace

As I drove to work this morning I noticed how beautiful the sky was. There were mountain-like clouds that circled the east side of the city. The peaking rays of the sun through the ocean crushed ceiling of the sky kissed the mountains.  They appeared ethereal as they hovered just above the horizon line.  The silhouettes of the nearby evergreens painted a serene mood over everything. All was motionless.

It was incredible. All I could do was smile and finally say aloud, “God, You are amazing!” He had given such a magnificent light and drum show last night until the early hours of this morning (our new kitten was not such a fan, she kept me up most of the night-haha). Now, on my way to work, the sky seemed unbelievable. How last night was such beautiful chaos and now the sky held such peace, despite the chaos of the morning traffic. Incredible.

I hope you had an amazing morning and I hope you were able to find some peace amongst the chaos the mornings can sometimes bring.

♥ Always

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