Just another Manic Monday…

Hello Everyone, 

Hope you are having a wonderful Monday! Can you believe it is already half way through July! Summer is going by faster than I had ever imagined it could. 

This day, although Monday, is turning out to be really wonderful. I woke up to seeing my daughter curled up with her new kitten. If I could have taken a photo of it you all would be “awe” or “Oh so cute!” – trust me! -hehe 

Anyways, then I got ready and had a full busy day of work -which isn’t really part of the wonderful day, but it could have been worse. I found out that my fav makeup guru, Kandee Johnson, is doing more Glaminars and I’m so excited! I can’t wait to go to at least one of em! 

Then as my morning when on I received an unexpected phone call and it made me smile -so that’s always nice. Had lunch with my cousins, brother, mum, and grandma. They’re all so wonderful! Then got to have some angel food cake with delicious strawberries! Then to top it off – realizing my daughter is getting to test for her green belt today! Yea! 

Life is a gift, but today has been like getting the gift that keeps on giving! -haha or something like that- Thank you Lord!†! 

I hope you are having a great summer! I’m hoping to get some photos up from my 4th, a couple other fun times, and of course the new kitten so check back later this week! Until then…Keep having a wonderful day and finding reasons to smile!!! 

♥ Always



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