!!!Happy Independence Day!!!

Happy 4th of July!♥!

So it’s a little early, but all week I have been thinking about America. I’m not going to go off on any political stand, but I think either way we should always find some pride in America. Where it started. What men and women in the armed forces -& their families- have gone through or are going through to keep America independent.

...It makes a man proud having earned the right to be in such a place.

 “… It makes a man proud having earned the right to be in such a place.”


My brother is over in Afghanistan now, my Papa has fought in wars, and I have many friends as well who are in the armed forces: the Navy, the National Guards, the Marines, etc. I admire them all and keep them in my prayers and thoughts always.

This is gonna be rather short, but I just wanted to give all of my loved ones who were, are, or will be in the US Armed Forces a big shout out: Thank You & Happy 4th!

For more stories or comments on being proud to be American check out kloves’ articles @ http://www.klove.com/BLOG/post/2010/06/30/Why-Are-You-Proud-to-be-American.aspx

What do you do for the 4th?

Last year I finally got to run to the ER for the 1st time ever! haha JEM had gotten too close to some hot plastic tanks and it got on her hand, but she has a fully functional & cute hand so it was all good. It was -other than that little incident a really great 4th. This year it will be good too, but parts of last year’s celebration will definitely be missed…..

Anyway, we will have a gajillion people at our family cabin this year! We will have fun -hopefully no trips to the ER- and great mems will be made. Wherever you are spending the weekend of the 4th, I hope you take some time to take pride in being American, think of those who have allowed us to be free, and thank the Lord for blessing you with a great country like the good old USA!


Take care & have a Happy 4th! If ya wanna try joining us at my cabin -I’m sure we wouldn’t know the difference! haha

PS – I am very proud to be American!

♥ Always

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