To the man who’s never left me…I ♥ U


Happy Father’s Day all you dads out there!

I won’t make this very long and drawn out, but I do want to say: I’m not getting my dad a tie! -haha I think after 24 years of Father’s Days he’s probably got enough 😉

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I heard this wonderful quote on K-Love radio this morning…You might want to check out their website to see if they have the exact quote there. It went something like the following:

“My father didn’t tell me how to live; he lived, and let me watch him do it.”

This quote hit me so hard cuz it is exactly how I feel about my dad. He has taught me so many things about all aspects of life. How to work hard cuz things are not going to be-or should not be- handed to you. How to love your family and how a man should love his wife. How to not be controlled by money, but not to be frugal with it either. How to pray. How the greatest investment is usually found in people. How to show mercy and compassion. How to praise our Lord. When to be silent -it doesn’t mean you are weak- When to speak up for what I believe in. How important it is to instill Christ Jesus-founded values in my children. How to clean the dishes 1x (hehe -he puts them on the ground for the dogs to lick clean & that way he knows he’ll probably not be asked to do them again ^_^ ) He introduced me to sleeping under the stars and how amazing our Creator is. He taught me how to fish and shoot a gun. How to dribble a basketball. How to tell a joke. How important God’s Word is.

He has given so much to my life…

Thank you Dad for this and SO MUCH more… I love you always!

The other father figure in my life would be my Papa Wally. He has never ceased to give me wisdom -Whether it is from hearing him sing “Barefoot Boy with Boots On” or poems like “The Wise Old Owl”. He is a veteran and I continue to grow in love with hearing him tell how he hung out with geisha when he was younger, how he climbed the mountains of Korea with a huge gun on his shoulders, how to have patience and how to trust in the Lord… He gives without so much as expecting a thing in return. I love seeing my Papa Wally smile and hear him laugh. He loves his family and it shows, even when he tries to say different. ^_^ His love for the Lord is another pearl in my life that I can only hope my children and grandchildren will see in me.

Thank you Papa for all you have done and do and will continue to do… I love you always!

Happy Father’s Day! Dont’ forget to give your dad a big hug and many thanks! As the year goes on, don’t be afraid to give him a hug just because either – You know they deserve it more than just one day a year!

Also, don’t forget God, our father who is always home and waiting for us to turn to him. Continue to give him time everyday as well.

♥ Always

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