“It Works Every Time”

Today I went to a friend’s funeral. She was only 19 years old. The service was lovely and I left knowing I had heard God’s voice speak through His Word. In addition, this past year I have been to my boyfriend’s friend’s funeral and to my late Uncle Carle’s funeral.    

These had all brought me to my own “wall of adversity” for a time, and even today I find myself standing there with new hardships. So I wait for my Lord, but I smile knowing even now He is with me -speaking to me through articles like Marilyn Meberg’s.  She speaks of having laughter or humor be one of the best tools in getting through our hard times and with all the other “tools” out there laughter seems, to me, to be the most accessible to everyone!   

It’s like the message at my friend’s funeral today: We all are going to have hardships/tough times, times where we can’t even begin to think how we will make it through the next minute, but “where does our help come from? From the Lord, maker of heaven and earth.” He is our reason for hope and trust. He will get us through it all and will be by our side at our “walls” always.   

I thank you, my God, for bring this article to me at such a time as this.    

I don’t know where you are at, or if you are still at your own walls waiting, but I felt this article, and even the comments below, brought such a comfort to me I just had to share.  I pray it brings you the peace it has brought me.  

Please feel free to share your stories of how you deal with hardship or just comment on the article. I’d love to see how it made you feel.     

The full article here: http://blogs.womenoffaith.com/blog/2010/05/it-works-every-time/    

Laughter - Good for the soul


♥ Always

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  1. Lexus Bublitz
    Jun 11, 2010 @ 00:17:16

    Kylie, I was at Carle’s funeral as you know! For me it is just easier when you have a tough time to think about the memories in this case and think about how they are in a great place!


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