I ♥ U Mom!

As Mother’s day is fast approaching, I tend to think of, being a single mother, is how much my mother did, is doing, & will do for me. Mothers are such a blessing in our lives. Granted they aren’t perfect, but the love a mother has for her child -only as a mother myself- can I truly understand how great that love is.

My mother would stay up til the early hours of the next morning helping me with school projects and any struggles I was dealing with – Oh sometimes she still does that. 🙂 She would comb my hair when I was little and help me style it as I got older. She would do anything to help me feel better about myself – whether it was going out and buying new clothes, cutting my hair, buying makeup, or even just taking me out for an evening treat. She would make sure I was up early enough to get going for school or work (sometimes it helps having her give me a call now -haha).

She would serve breakfast in bed on my birthday, making my favorite breakfast. She helped out in any way she could. She was my cheerleading coach, my traveling basketball coach, nurse, friend and a truly love parent. As I am older now, Mum continues to help me be a good mother by teaching me not to sweat the small stuff and remember to cherish those moments with my daughter that I will never have again. I love my mum!♥!

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She is so much to me & is there for me always. She helped me learn so many things!  I wouldn’t be walking without her or able to sing without her helping me find my passion for music and arts. Actually I wouldn’t even be alive without her. She adopted me and has loved me as if I were her very own flesh & blood child. I know I am truly blessed to be here.

My biological mother loved me enough to give me to another woman who could love me and give me more than I deserved. My mum is an amazing woman and I hope to carry on many of the attributes she is known for.

In a world that tells us it’s all about us, moms give and give and give without so much as a thank you from us. I don’t know what I will do this Mother’s Day that could even begin to let her know how much I am truly thankful or how to begin to give back to her, but I know she deserves that and so much more! What are you going to do for your mother?

Also, mothers come in many styles. I have grandmothers who deserve just as much on Mother’s Day. My daughter has many mother-like people in her life from grandmas, great grandmas, her Auntie Toni, and friends of mine who treat her as one of their own.

To all you mothers out there: Thank you!

“You are changing the world one little heart beat at a time!”  Steven Curtis Chapman

♥ Always


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